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Teeth whitening in Manchester

Whitening your teeth is one of most cost-effective ways to improve your smile. 

With age most people's teeth get darker. But they can also become yellow and stained due to a range of external factors such as smoking, certain foods and drinks. In addition things such as tooth decay, trauma and root canal issues can also turn a tooth dark.

Bright, white teeth significantly improve a person's smile and overall appearance, and luckily there are ways to brighten up discoloured and darkened teeth. Which option you chose depends on what you want to achieve and how fast, whether you want to do it yourself or leave it in the safe hands of your dentist.  

In the clinic whitenening

Many people prefer to have their dentist carry out the tooth whitening treatment in the clinic. Usually it means that stronger whitening agents are used but the method also protects the rest of the mouth and gums from exposure. Teeth can be brightened several shades in a single visit - transforming your smile. 

Zoom which has been used below is a quick in-surgery option that achieves great results in about an hour. This treatment is ideal if you need immediate results as the before and after pictures below illustrate.

At Home Tray System

This option produces great results, is very economic and results can be achieved in approximately 2 weeks. The custom made trays are loaded with teeth whitening gel and worn overnight for a few hours a day. 

Take-home whitening systems can be very successful. However we do recommend that you consult your dentist before you begin using any whitening treatments.

There are a number of over the counter whitening products but to avoid problems such as sensitive teeth, poorly fitted whitening trays, gum irritation and less effective treatment we advise that you always consult a dentist beforehand.


This is a tray system which works safely and painlessly while you wear it for two weeks. The results are very good and once the two weeks have passed we will complete the treatment with a final session in the surgery to guarantee great results in teeth whitening.

To maintain bright, white teeth you might want to follow-up your treatment every 12-24 months with a maintenance course or a brief visit to your dentist.