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Have you chipped or broken a tooth?

Our teeth are designed to withstand day-to-day chewing forces, however it isn't unusual for people to experience chipping and breaking of teeth and fillings. This can be frustrating and inconvenient but with excellent care and a thorough consultation with one of our skilled dentists, The Dentist Manchester can repair and rejuvenate your smile easily and quickly.  

What causes chipped teeth?

There are a number of factors that can cause chipped teeth - these include excessive grinding, clenching, an acidic diet and direct trauma. We can minimise the damage caused by identifying the source and risk factors. This may involve your diet, lifestyle, stress and even looking at the way you bite.

At The Dentist Manchester we aim to ensure that any contributing factor is investigated and removed to keep you comfortable and smiling into the future.   

How can chipped or broken teeth be treated?

How we treat damaged teeth depends entirely on the cause and the extent of the damage. After eliminating the above factors, the majority of cases involve simply adding cosmetic white fillings to improve the shape and appearance of your teeth.

At The Dentist Manchester we often recommend patients to consider a course of teeth whitening and/or straightening using groundbreaking invisible braces technology. You will end up with long-term whiter teeth and a perfectly balanced bite.  

If the wear/chips are more severe, we might recommend veneers, crowns, or onlays to provide a more durable outcome. When considering these option, you can be completely reassured in knowing exactly what the result will look like. At The Dentist Manchester we perform wax-ups which is effectively a model of what your new teeth will look like. This way we can also keep any tooth modification to a minimum - leaving you with a natural looking and long-lasting smile.

What if the chip or crack in my tooth is really severe?

Unfortunately some wear or breaks are too severe to manage with conventional methods but at The Dentist Manchester our talented dentists offer a wide range of cosmetic dentistry treatments that can help bring your smile back to its gleaming, white self.

If the wear/break has progressed to involve the nerve of the tooth, we can rebuild the tooth with a pain free root canal treatment using advanced microscope technology. We will then rebuild the tooth with a crown that not even your best friend or partner will be able tot ell apart from your natural teeth.

A small number of people will need to have a tooth removed but fear not. A bridge or dental implant can give you a secure and natural looking replacement that could last a lifetime. We won't send you home until you are 100% satisfied with your new smile.

How can I prevent my teeth from chipping/breaking?

The key to avoiding further cracks and chips in your teeth is prevention. At The Dentist Manchester we recommend that you visit your dentist and the hygienist regularly to assess your teeth. As standard we take detailed photographs of your teeth which our team of trained professionals can analyse and compare with your last visit.

Our hygienist can also help assess your diet and discuss life stresses that may be affecting the health of your teeth.

A balanced bite is absolutely essential in terms of preventing problems in the future. An unbalanced bite is the most common cause of disharmony in your teeth-jaw relationship. This can be managed in various ways from simple mouth guards to orthodontics and full mouth rehabilitations. Have a look at our treatment examples to see what can be achieved.

For those active amongst you, The Dentist Manchester offers a multitude of custom made sports guards to protect your teeth from any knocks as you enjoy life to the full.